Experience is not what happens to you; it is what you do with what happens.        -Aldous Huxley

All of my education, every experience leads me to now – the next challenge. A lot has happened during my tenure as a school administrator. Those experiences have increased my knowledge and honed my administrative skill set.  I have the qualifications and experience to be on the administrative team in your district.

My administrative background consists of experience as an Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent in a variety of districts with varying challenges.  Some districts had politically divided Boards, others had stressed fiscal situations and some with inconsistent instruction that lead to low student achievement. In all cases I have worked against the politics, and the conditions that place the priorities of adults ahead of the needs of children. As a school administrator, I have had a lot that has happen to me. But I have taken what’s happened and used the experience to advocate for children. I will do the same for your district.